Victorinox Champion Plus Knife

Victorinox Champion Plus Knife


Complete set of Swiss Army tools to use while camping, hiking, fishing, and more

  • Contains 30 stainless-steel tools, with 60-plus individual parts
  • Does not include pliers as a tool
  • Includes screwdrivers, can/bottle opener, files, hooks, saws, and much more
  • Housed in famous Swiss Army body, with nylon handle and aluminum frame
  • Precision crafted in Switzerland; measures 3-1/2 inches long; lifetime warranty

Product Description

       A lot of knife for not a lot of money. The Victorinox Champion features a main blade, scissors, metal saw, wood saw, magnifying glass, and much more – truly a value item.Scissors..Magnifying glass..Small, medium, and large Phillips head screwdrivers..Corkscrew..Chisel and reamer..Hook..Punch with sewing eye..Tweezers and toothpick..Ink pen..Key ring..Engraving panel 74 mm/2.91 inches..Life time warranty..Size: 3.5 in..Weight: 5.6 oz..

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