Invicta Watches-The History And The Unshaken commitment

Invicta Watches-The History And The Unshaken commitment


Invicta watches history is long and is a very interesting story, a story that explains not only how Invicta watches were invented, but also why they were made.

Who started making Invicta watches? History tells us that, although one man created the idea of Invicta watches, many people were, and still are, involved in the creation and manufacturing of the timepieces we have all come to cherish.

Invicta Watches-The History And The Unshaken commitment

Invicta Watches For Men

Invicta Watches & Raphael Picard

Raphael Picard was a Swiss watchmaker with a big dream: to provide high quality, luxury watches at an affordable price. He started making watches in 1837, founding his watch company in La Chaux-de-fonds, Switzerland, a home to many other watch companies and well-known for all of its watchmaking pioneers.

He named his watches after the Latin name for ‘invincible’, or ‘invicta.’ As time passed, the name turned out to be more accurate than he could ever have imagined.

All Watches with Swiss origins were becoming increasingly popular during the time Raphael Picard started making his own brand. The golden age of the Invicta watch began, and as generation after generation of Picards pushed the company forward, it looked like the invincibility of the brand was already proven. However, there were dark times looming ahead: the quartz watches were about to arrive.

The Invicta Rise & Fall

Throughout Invicta’s long history, there is one point where it seemed that the doom of Invicta was certain:

1. the age of the quartz watch.

2. Invicta had already started to struggle.

3. The company had been controlled by the same family for too long, the group’s market share was starting to falter, and then quartz watch technology was introduced. It was a crippling blow. ‘

Invincible’ was not enough against this new rival, quality and luxury were no longer valued. The cheap price and high accuracy of most quartz watches were desirable to many. The art of the mechanical watch was slowly fading.

Invicta Watches-The History And The Unshaken commitment

Invicta Watches For Women

Can the Invicta brand survive?

Yes, they could. Quartz watches failed, just like the digital watches of today, to accomplish something that Invicta watches achieved with ease:




Invicta watches, history shows us, are known for more than just they can tell the time.

They get their value off their beauty and their unique designs. They began to focus on this aspect of their timepieces and even began making some watches out of rare materials.

COUNTLESS Collectors were intrigued by this ‘invincible’ brand. The company, after dragging through sluggish TIMES during the 1970’s, finally managed to make a ROARING comeback as the popularity of mechanical and luxury watches began to rise once again.

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Invicta Watches-The History And The Unshaken commitment


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Invicta Watches-The History And The Unshaken commitment

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