Andis 26155 Styliner M3 Magnesium Trimmer, Silver

Andis 26155 Styliner M3 Magnesium Trimmer, Silver

The andis styliner m3 magnesium trimmer is a durable and versatile clipper that is excellent for trimming, lining and edging hair. it features a wide close-cutting t-blade that makes it great for those detailed spots around your hairline.

Andis 26155 Styliner M3 Magnesium Trimmer, Silver

Product details

it also features indestructible, contoured magnesium housing that’s lightweight and comfortable to hold. this added support reduces vibrations meaning more power is directed to the clipper blades and the person getting their hair cut stays comfortable. it’s perfect for trimming necks, beards, mustaches, and edging around the ears.

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Andis 26155 Styliner M3 Magnesium Trimmer, Silver

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